Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kristy's Baby is 1 and other things too.

What a wonderful day I have had today!!! My baby boy was 1 today. It is hard to believe that a year has gone by so quickly!!!
Aside from being totally focused on making today a scrap worthy event, I got thinking about all the things I would like to do before this time next year. Where I would like to be in my "career" (yep I mean scrapping). So with this in mind, I have been looking about and sourcing classes taught by some of the leaders in the scrapping industry. I have found this to be a little bit of an adventure. There are so many wonderful teachers/ educators who are heading down under in the next year. Some people are lesser known, others you know and adore. But whilst Rose goes to work liaising with their coordinator, Jennifer and I will continue to drool over blogs and get ideas that we can pass on to you.
But back to my boy's birthday. It was lovely to be able to celebrate it with some close friends and family. Jennifer and her husband were very generous and gave my son one of the noisier toys he received today. I have made a mental note to make Jennifer pay for any headaches I may get from that toy :)
Rose couldn't join us today as she is in Geelong with the very very insanely talented Melissa Kennedy (from Kaisercraft), Al Hannah and Sherry Mendoza (owner of She is at a retreat called unmasked (
From the sms' going back and forth Rose is having a fantastic time and learning some hot new techniques to show everyone at the Scrap with Friends - a new beginning retreat (retreat blog coming soon!!!). As well as finding some fantastic suppliers of some new products. Interested??? Keep your eyes on our blog :)
As the end of May nears I would like to remind everyone of our classes on June 4th. Our newsletter can be viewed here
It would be great if you are able to pop in and say hi. Shop up a storm or join us for a class or two. If you would like to RSVP before June 2nd that would be appreciated.
I would like to leave you all with a warm fuzzy of my very own :) A pic of my little man and me :)

Good night everyone, stay scrappy :)

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