Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not just a Scrapper!

Hi everyone,

Lately I (Kristy) have become obsessed with pinterest (if you haven't discovered pinterest yet have a look www.pinterest.com). I just adore all the inspiration I can get from just a quick look whilst having a coffee. Well, one day whilst drooling over some wonderful pins, I came across a novel idea. Cake Pops. So yesterday I decided to give them ago. After quickly watching a youtube video on making them I felt I was ready! How wrong I was. I should mention, whilst my Grandmother was an amazing cake maker and decorator. I did not seem to get the baking gene.

Step One: Ingredients ASSEMBLE!!!
I required; one cake (pre-made and cooled), a tub of frosting, and my trusty mix master.

Step Two: Mix the ingredients together.
After crumbling the cake and putting it into the mixing bowl. I added frosting till the mixture just comes together. I unfortunately looked away at that point and kept adding frosting till the mix looked something like straight frosting...... Whoopsie.

Step three: Mould your balls.
Scoop even amounts of mix into your hands and roll them into a ball shape. Now that sounds wonderful... on paper. But I was unable to scoop even amounts. I also did not realise that the balls needed to be much smaller than I had made them. I made big manly sized cake pops..... Another whoopsie.

Step four: Coat your Cake Pops in Chocolate.
Melt some chocolate and dunk the balls in the chocolate till they are evenly coated. Refrigerate till required for eating. Once again, I learn by my errors. Due to my cake pop balls being so large and weighty, dunking them in chocolate was not achievable. I had to plonk them in the chocolate then roll them around till they were semi coated. I then pulled them out of the chocolate mix and rolled them in my hands (yes I had gloves on, it was too icky not to) until they were covered.

Step five: Enjoy your yummy Cake Pops.
Yes they are yummy. But BBQ skewers did not support these bad boys. For the purpose of the photo I was able to balance one quickly before it slid down onto my hand.

What I learnt whilst doing this.....
  • I am not a baker. End of Discussion.
  • Cake Pops need to be refrigerated during each step.
  • Putting lots of frosting in turns Cake Pops into Frosting Pops.
  • Frosting Pops are very heavy.
  • Frosting Pops are yummy, however, they have lots of sugar and the ceiling is not the place to be at 11 o'clock at night.
  • Skewers look much nicer, but corn cob holders support Frosting Pops much better.
  • Smaller..... They need to be smaller.

In summation..... Get someone else to make them :)

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